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Brazil Aid in 2023: How it will look like, value, calendar and more



Many Brazilians benefited from the Auxílio Brasil Program in 2023. This benefit was created during the pandemic, during the Bolsonaro government. Before, families received Bolsa Família, which was made available according to the total number of family members and their income. 

During the pandemic, the government decided to change the name of the aid and also increased the value, which became R$600. In this new aid, everyone could be entitled to benefit. However, the Brazil Aid was only in effect until December 12, when beneficiaries will receive the last installment. 

For this year, 2023, the Lula Government announced that the benefit will be called Bolsa Família, as it was before. Families who are in extreme poverty will be entitled to Bolsa Família. 

According to the Ministry of Citizenship, family groups that fall into extreme poverty have an income of R$105.00 or less. Families considered to be in poverty are those with an income of R$105.01 up to a maximum of R$210.00.

What is the value of the Bolsa Família program of the current government

As mentioned before, in 2023 the Antigo Auxilio Brasil will be renamed Bolsa Familia. Only the name has changed, since the value will remain the same, so the beneficiaries will receive R$600, and there is the possibility of requesting increases in this value according to the number of small children in the family nucleus.

The increase is R$150.00 for each child in the family up to 6 years old. In addition, the first benefit payments began on January 18.

Who can receive Bolsa Família 2023

Bolsa Família is a social program offered by the Federal Government to low-income or extremely poor families.  

In the year 2022, families who can prove a monthly income between the values of R$105.01 and R$210 could receive the Brazil Aid. These families were considered to be in poverty. Families with per capita income of R$105.00 or less are considered to be in extreme poverty.

Therefore, in order to be able to receive the payment of the benefit, even being in the indicated income group, it is necessary that the family in question is duly included in the data of the government's Single Registry. To be included in the base, families must register at the CRAS closest to their residence or even at the city hall in their city.

Bolsa Família: how to receive it in 2023?

Many people are still having doubts about receiving and how to unlock brazil aid by cell phone. To be entitled to Bolsa Família assistance, people need to meet the required conditions, which are: to be considered low-income or in extreme poverty and to have been registered with CadÚnico in the last 2 years. If you are within the required income requirements and are not in the CadÚnico, just go to the CRAS of your city or at the city hall and register.

What documents are required to register for Bolsa Familia?

To register for the Bolsa Familia, you must have the following documents:

  • CPF, Identity card;
  • Voter card;
  • Registration of children under 6 years old; 
  • Birth certificate or marriage certificate;
  • and all documents of the spouse.

What is the new aid payment schedule

In 2023, the benefit began releasing the first payments on January 18th. Since last year the dates were announced, when the program was still called Auxílio Brasil, until now the dates are maintained.

The payment date is made according to the last NIS registration number (Social Identification Number, which is written on your card. In addition, you can consult your NIS number in this way:

If your card NIS ends, for example, with the number 1, the payment for January will be made on the 18th, and in February it will be the 13th, in March the 14th, and so on.

The card with the end of NIS 2 will be paid on January 19th.

The card with the end of NIS 3 will be paid on January 20th.

Will people who receive Auxílio Brasil receive Bolsa Família?

By December, 21.6 million families had benefited from the former Auxílio Brasil. Initially, all beneficiaries of the former Auxílio Brasil will continue to receive the Bolsa Família benefit automatically in 2023. 

However, in the coming months, some beneficiaries may be reassessed, and new ones may be added. The program management will be responsible for reassessing registered families and inserting other families.

 Since the Auxílio Brasil was implemented, technicians claim that the Cadastro Único was out of date. For this reason, estimates indicate that, due to the lack of this stricter monitoring, part of the beneficiaries of the Auxílio Brasil could be receiving it without actually being entitled to the benefit. 

For example, there was an increase in the number of single-person families (of just one person), and technicians assessed that many beneficiaries divide families to receive the benefit twice, since there was no inspection.

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