Saturday, March 25, 2023

Get to know the Next Card and its advantages



Meet the Next Card, the credit and debit card that will make your life easier, promote discounts and exclusive benefits. The Cartão Next stands out in the card market and already has thousands of customers throughout Brazil and the world. Check out all the advantages of the Next Card and request yours now.

What is Next Card?

The Next digital credit card is the card promoted by Banco Next, which is a Brazilian financial institution that was created by Banco Bradesco and has been operating in the fintech market since 2017. The Next Card promotes many exclusive advantages and benefits for its customers. customers and therefore stands out among other credit cards.

Next Debit Card

Before acquiring the card, many customers wonder if the Next Card is debit or credit. The truth is that initially the Next Card is a debit card, however you can easily enable the credit card function, having both options in a single card, the Next Card is a multiple card.

Next Benefit Card

The Next Card is famous for the benefits it promotes for its customers, among them are the exclusive treats of the Next Card, which are generous discounts at partner stores, 50% off tickets at Cinemark, the Livelo points program that in every US$1 spent the customer earns 1.5 points to exchange for trips, smartphones, among other offers. One more advantage of the Next Card is that, as it has Visa as its flagship, it is possible to take advantage of all the advantages of the Vai de Visa program and the customer is also entitled to 2 months of free Prime Video monthly fee with Visa courtesy. The Next card is a Brazilian card with an international function, which allows you to use it anywhere in the world.

Does Next credit card have an annual fee?

Unlike some famous credit cards that offer many benefits, the Next Card does not have an annual fee, which makes it a differential due to the advantage of the number of benefits and exclusive discounts it offers to customers.

What is the next card limit?

The Next Card limit may vary from customer to customer according to the analysis carried out by Banco Next, the range is extensive causing the Next Card limit to vary between R$ 500.00 and R$ 5,000.

Next card for negatives

The Next Card can approve negatives in its analysis, being a great alternative for those with restricted CPF and unable to apply for other cards.

How to apply for the Next Card

To apply for the é Next card, you must have internet access, as the application only takes place online. First, you need to install the Next Card application on your cell phone, then go to the “Create account” option, fill in the form with your personal data, photograph the documents that are requested, such as proof of residence and CNH or RG.

Then, take a selfie according to the Next app instructions to confirm your identity, choose your basket of services so that the bank can meet your needs, select the due date of your Next Card invoice, read the terms and regulations and submit your request.

After sending your proposal, your analysis response will arrive via email within 7 working days. The Next Card takes up to 20 business days to arrive at the address provided in the case of an approved proposal. It is worth mentioning that it is necessary to have a Next checking account to receive the Next Card.

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