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How to watch football on your cell phone – Learn everything



If you are a football lover, learn all about how to watch football on your cell phone. Get to know the free and private indications that will allow you to watch football games online, find out now and have the best football games at your fingertips.

It's no secret that Brazil is the country of football, Brazilians love to follow Brazilian and international football games, tournaments and championships. However, unlike 10 years ago, football matches are no longer limited to television.

Online football games app

It is possible to watch football games online 100% through online football game apps, sports websites and platforms, which allows sports fans to watch matches anywhere they are with one click. Learn how to watch football games on your cell phone now.

MyCujoo live

MyCujoo is a sports streaming application compatible with both Android and IOS (Iphone) phones. MyCujoo broadcasts live football matches for free, requiring only internet access. This application is known for having a vast catalog of football games, featuring international games, professional tournaments, women's football games and is famous for its focus on minor leagues and state, national and international amateur tournaments.


FuteMax is one of the most popular apps when it comes to watching football games, especially those that take place in Brazil, such as the Brazilian Championship. FuteMax also broadcasts games from the second and third Brazilian divisions. Please note that this app contains ads and pop-ups.

When it comes to worlds, know that is champion. stands out for the transmission of international matches such as the Champions League, the French, English and Spanish Championships. also features national events such as the Copa do Brasil and Libertadores, as well as several other Brazilian games. On this platform, it is possible to choose the best games based on the score found in that transmission.

Unlike those already mentioned, Pirlotv has its own display of the games, that is, it does not capture transmissions from other sites. Pirlotv has its own streaming platform that allows you to watch not only football matches but also matches of other sports such as American football, volleyball, handball, tennis and much more, making it a more complete platform.


Youtube is an option that works both as a website and as an app and offers a vast amount of football match broadcasts. The games are transmitted and narrated by the Youtubers' channels completely free of charge, on Youtube you can watch the football games online and live through the lives and watch them again as many times as you want, in addition to having the advantage of being able to go back or forward the video for seconds in case you miss that bid and want to check it out.

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How to watch football on your cell phone – Learn everything

If you are a football lover, learn all about how to watch football on your cell phone. Discover the free and private referrals that...