Saturday, March 25, 2023

Federal Government measures to prevent Brazil Aid beneficiaries from getting into debt



Changes to the rules for contracting payroll loans

Limitation of discounts and loan amounts

  1. Beneficiaries will only be able to contract payroll loans, with reduced interest rates, up to R$ 2,500.00, and with discounts limited to 5% of the benefit;
  2. The loan can be discounted in up to six installments;
  3. The ordinance does not change rules for loans that have already been contracted;

opinion of economists

  • Economist Denise De Sordi highlighted that the ordinance was a damage reduction measure, as it prevents loans from exceeding the value of R$ 2 thousand;
  • Economist Miguel de Oliveira, from the National Association of Finance, Administration and Accounting Executives (Anefac), commented that the changes will allow Auxílio Brasil beneficiaries to take out loans with much lower installments.

Importance of the measure for Brazil Aid and Bolsa Família

Although the ordinance does not change rules for loans that have already been contracted, it is essential to prevent Auxílio Brasil beneficiaries from becoming indebted. In addition, it can also contribute to the program being renamed Bolsa Família, as it was in Lula's government, and can be used correctly to help the poorest families.

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