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The 3 Best Real Time Bus Apps



When relying on public transport, it's important to stay connected. Buses are late and can even leave you feeling anxious, lost and late for your appointment. With these 3 real-time bus apps you will be more relaxed and well informed. So you won't be surprised, because the path will be in your hand.

The 3 Best Real Time Bus Apps

What are the best real-time bus apps?

There are many options on the market, but some stand out for the amount of area they cover and the information they manage to reveal to you. Bus apps are an innovative solution.

Here we present the best options currently for anyone who doesn't want to get lost on the route or even anxious because the bus hasn't arrived yet. Check out;

1. Moovit

Moovit brings you information about bus lines, metro, train and even ferries and cable cars.

It shows the timetables and routes of the lines and allows you to compare routes with information about timetables in real time.

It also displays turn-by-turn directions, with easy-to-walk directions on the map.

Moovit gives you information about bus lines, metro, trains and even ferries and cable cars.

It displays timetables and routes for lines and allows you to compare route and timetable information in real time.

It also shows turn-by-turn directions and provides easy walking directions on a map.

Notifications are one of the great strengths of Moovit.

The app sends alerts about schedule changes, delays or interruptions on major routes. All this makes it one of the best real-time bus apps.

Also, if you have questions about a bus route, the tool uses your device's location to tell you where to get off.

When scheduling your trip, you can select filters that reduce walks or transfers.

The application has wide coverage in Brazil, serving more than 150 cities and regions.

To find out if Moovit also serves your city, click below.

2. Where is the Bus?

Where's the Bus? has a self-explanatory name. It is an application made for those who want to know where the buses are.

Currently it is widely used by people who want to follow the bus lines around the city of São Paulo.

This tool has access to the location of your cell phone and tells you which are the closest points and compatible lines.

Of the real-time bus apps, this is one of the ones that relies on community interaction to bring information about the structure of the points.

You can take a quick quiz about lighting, coverage, security, and other site conditions.

This helps keep everyone informed about public transport conditions.

The positioning of the buses is updated in real time and the query is carried out by the respective lines.

Even better, you can save your favorite routes and keep track of updates more easily.

3. Google Maps

For those who want something familiar, it's nice to know that Google Maps also serves as one of the real-time bus apps. It is one of the best app options to track buses and transport.

You can understand your city's public transport with the Google Navigation app. It allows you to filter between different means of transport. Buses, Trains and Metro.

To do this, simply define a route and select the bus icon from the route options.

The app then shows you which lines to use and the estimated time to get there.

In some cities, you can also see real-time updates of bus arrivals.

Maps is an alternative due to its versatility.

After all, the app can also be used to calculate routes by car, motorcycle, bicycle or on foot.

With up-to-date information on transport and nearby agencies, it is a complete option for your daily commute.

What do you think of these Real Time Bus apps? Hope they can help you. Good luck! For more helpful articles, go to spotmedia blog.

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