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The 5 Best Apps to Find a Job.



Some time ago, it took a lot of effort and dedication to find jobs in difficult times. A job couldn't be found unless you left home. Today is not like that anymore, With the internet it is possible to find a job more easily. Here are the 5 best job finding apps.

The 5 Best Apps to Find a Job.

What are the Best Job Finder Apps?

The best ones are the ones most used by professionals and companies. Discover some of the best apps for finding jobs, making new connections, and even discovering new areas and learning. Understand them and create your account immediately to continue advancing your professional career. Read below;

1. LinkedIn ( Available for android It is iOS )

Linkeding is a social network for workers and professionals. Not only is it amazing for making connections with other people engaged at work, it also serves as one of the job finding apps. This is because registered companies usually post vacancies, in which the user can apply with their profile within the media itself or with a conventional resume. Here's a tip: keep the feed updated with publications that may draw the attention of potential contractors.

2. Indeed (Available to android It is iOS)

Indeed serves as a job search engine and is one of the most used in the world. To use Indeed, simply create a profile and register your resume – you can import data from the PDF document, making it easier to fill in information. To find the desired vacancy, the user can use filters, such as niche, location and salary expectations. A differential of the platform, in turn, is showing evaluations of companies by employees and former employees, in addition to the average salary of various positions. This can inspire you to pursue new careers, and get to know companies with good recommendations, for example.

3. Catho (Available for android It is iOS)

Catho is an older service, very traditional, it is known for people looking for jobs via the internet. Through the Catho application, you can register your resume and search for vacancies that match your profile. It also allows you to favorite jobs and receive alerts. It is worth mentioning that, after 20 years, the platform stopped being paid. Now, it is possible to register and apply without having to enter payment data.

4. Easy SINE (for android It is iOS)

SINE is a government application funded by the Ministry of Labor. It was created to facilitate connections with the services of the National Employment System (SINE). On the first visit, it is necessary to obtain the QR code on the Emprega Brasil website or at the SINE unit. In addition to offering opportunities, it can also be used to consult information on salary allowances and monitor the payment of unemployment insurance installments. It's great for anyone who is also related to social benefits.

5. Trampoline (for android It is iOS)

The Trampoline can take you to heights. Being the latest app among job seekers. What makes it different is that while you can find jobs, you can collaborate with others. This is because the proposal is that anyone, even if they are not connected to the contractor, can copy an offer in the app so that it reaches more candidates. There are more than 2,000 active vacancies in areas such as administration, industry, commerce, education and even domestic services. Give it a try!

These were the best job finding apps today.

Job-finding apps are great ways to pursue your career dreams, but you need to stay in the loop and know how to use them.

Knowing how to present your skills and experiences in the best way and keeping your network up to date, it is possible to impress many companies and contractors who may be looking for a person like you!

Good luck on this journey!

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