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Apps to Find Wi-Fi Passwords – Follow Tutorial

Did you know that there are a variety of applications that can help find Wi-Fi passwords for people who want to save money with 3G and need or need internet outside the home in a simple way.

In addition, Wi-Fi internet access is much faster and better than 3G, so it is in high demand and sometimes very difficult to get. That's why we present some apps to discover Wi-Fi passwords in a simple, easy and practical way.

insta bridge

With a simple interface and layout, the Insta Bridge application is very intuitive. The app is available for Android and iOS systems. With it, you can search millions of WiFi networks for free. Also, users add passwords so it works as a big community. This allows participation and the assignment of WLAN passwords, which facilitates the work of many users.

Therefore, with an open network connection, it is possible to grant access to others using the application. The platform is similar to social networks and even has user rankings that offer greater collaboration of wireless Internet access networks.

WiFi Master

WiFi Master gives you free access to millions of internet hotspots around the world. Of course, it's not a network hacking app, but like the previous one, users share WiFi network passwords so that others can easily connect.

It's very easy to use, so you won't have any problems to use it conveniently. Available in multiple languages, more hotspots are added every day and it's 100 free and safe for you.

Wi-Fi Magic

The WiFi Magic app is a social network intended for public WiFi passwords only, which means that it can be used for certain access networks, such as private or private B. is not suitable.

Therefore, it is a platform that provides Wi-Fi access only to public facilities such as restaurants, beauty salons, hotels and other publicly accessible facilities.

Just like the other apps, WiFi Magic also offers its community where users can enter the passwords of specific WiFi networks. It allows users to browse the Internet when they are close to the environments or access points to the Wi-Fi network they are browsing.

WiFi Password

The WiFi-Password application can be a good alternative for using free hotspots, as it offers a fast and absolutely secure connection to various WiFi access networks, especially when carrying out queries for the community to find WiFi passwords.

It is worth mentioning that this application is able to identify unsafe access points and alert users when they are about to make dangerous connections, which is very useful in everyday life. Like the previous platforms, this one also offers user communities to share WiFi passwords.