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How to apply for a Magazine Luiza credit card

The Magazine Luiza credit card has been conquering more and more space in the market, because in addition to being new in the business, it offers unbeatable conditions for its customers! Learn how to request and take advantage of daily offers, incredible discounts, zero annual fee and the best cashback for you to earn cash back shopping.

Why choose the Magalu Card

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The Magalu card has drawn the attention of several customers from competing credit networks, as it contains benefits that you would need to combine with two or more cards, the Magazine Luiza credit card has everything a good buyer would like to find in a card.

The card, which bears the Visa flag, has a front design in shades of blue that are already Magazine Luiza's trademark and the rear design can vary in gold or silver colors that add even more credibility and boldness to the card.

Advantages of the Magazine Luiza credit card

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There are many advantages of the Magazine Luiza credit card, the card provides the best experience to allow you to be able to pay in peace and still acquire financial support, check it out:

App daily deals – The application is always bringing unmissable offers at all times, it is worth keeping an eye out so as not to miss any promotions.

Exclusive in-app and in-store discounts – The Magalu store and app have exclusive discounts for sharing the same franchise, it is always good to check and activate notifications.

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zero annuity fee – That's right, while many brands and companies lose customers precisely because they charge an annual fee, the Magazine Luiza credit card offers zero annuity fee.

The security of a digital card – Every digital card has twice the security of a physical card, as it contains a sequence of unique numbers, the application protects your data from theft or fraud.

Practical approach to payment – If what you are looking for is practicality when buying, this is one of the best advantages for you, approximation payment makes everything easier and faster.

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Payment in up to 24 installments – Magazine Luiza understands the demand of its customers, therefore, it offers unbeatable conditions such as installments of up to 24 installments for your best purchase.

Cashback, you can earn money – Have you ever thought about getting paid for buying? The Cashback for the Magazine Luiza credit card is 2%, now your purchases will no longer be an expense and will be an investment.

It can be done without having to leave your home. – Although you can, you don't need to go to a physical store to buy your Magalu card, everything can be done 100% online through the website, from the comfort of your home.

Apply for the Magalu Card

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For apply for the Magazine Luiza credit card it is necessary to go through some quick and easy steps. Online, on the retailer's website, you will be directed to complete your registration with basic information such as, CPF, your full name, email and contact cell phone, read and agree to the terms and finally, wait for the credit analysis which, it is worth noting, requires a minimum income of R$ 800,00.

Find out the complete information about the Magazine Luiza credit card and stay on top of all the details before securing yours: