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CNH Digital: Know and learn how to download the application



Do you want to avoid inconvenience in traffic if you are stopped by the police? One option is to have your Digital CNH handy, available through the Carteira Digital de Trânsito app. It is available for both Android and iOS users and guarantees many facilities for those who drive! Read more about it below and learn how to download the CNH Digital app.

Step by step to download the CNH Digital application

Before downloading the application, it is worth remembering that only those who have a license issued after March 2017 can access it. This is because only these cards have a QR code to be entered. In case you don't have a QR code, but still want to have your Digital CNH, you just have to order a second replica.

However, to download the CNH Digital application, you must first register on the official website of the federal government. This registration will give you an activation code that you can use later.

After registering, download the CDT – Carteira Digital de Trânsito application on your cell phone, whether Android or iOS. Then enter the login password, which is your CPF number, and the activation code. After a short time, the application will ask you to create a 4-number password, which you will use every time you log in.

Therefore, if your printed CNH has the QR code, you can download the digital version through this code. After downloading the application, enable it. Then select the option to add your CNH and choose how you will authenticate. In this way, you can show that you are the owner of the CNH, for example, through facial recognition.

The interesting thing is that you can enter the application even if you are without internet and the whole process is easy, simple and fast. Look?

Recommended choice: CNH Social
However, if you haven't yet taken out your national driver's license to make it digital, know that it is feasible to do so through CNH Social. We're talking about a federal government program that allows low-income individuals to obtain their driver's license for free. See how it works at the link below.

CNH Social 2022: how to apply for the Program?

Discover the requirements to apply for your CNH Social and get your Driver's License for free!

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