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Social Benefits in the United States: Come check how to secure yours

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While the United States is a global superpower, there are still many citizens in need of state BENEFITS. As such, the government provides assistance for both monthly energy bills and for internet and phone services.

Find out now what these benefits are and how to access them.

Social Benefits in the United States: Come check how to secure yours
Social benefits for Americans Source: FreePik

Opportunities for state collaborations with energy, internet, and phone expenses

Despite having one of the world’s strongest economies, the U.S. government also recognizes that some citizens require assistance with their basic needs. This assistance is directed toward various expenses and areas of an individual’s life, and today you will see three of these. These three are related to energy, internet, and phone.

Regarding the internet, the government aims to provide guaranteed access for low-income individuals to promote social and digital inclusion. Some BENEFITS related to this include:

  • The Lifeline Program: a federal program aimed at providing access to communication services, including the internet
  • E-Rate Program: ensuring faster internet in educational institutions;
  • ConnectHome: high-speed internet for socioeconomically vulnerable families;
  • Internet Essentials: super affordable and accessible internet. These services aim to provide information and education through digital means more equitably.

These services aim to provide information and education through digital means more equitably.

Phone BENEFITS, on the other hand, are also primarily offered by the government. These include:

  • Link Up Program: it involves providing an extra for the installation of landline phones;
  • Emergency Broadband Benefit Program: a monthly discount of just $50 for broadband services, including landline or mobile phones.

Apart from the current digital need, the telephone is still crucial for maintaining connectivity, which is why there is government investment in this area.

In addition to the variety of programs and BENEFITS already mentioned, there are also those related to energy. That’s right, there is financial assistance for electricity and heating for American families.

Some of these programs are:

  • Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program: a financial BENEFIT that helps with monthly energy bills. This is essential for the winter months, assisting with heating costs;
  • Weatherization Assistance Program: offering sealing and insulation services for certain American households, helping to reduce expenses;
  • Utility Assistance Programs: guaranteed discounts on monthly energy and gas bills.

Considering that these are just a few possibilities, as there is a wide range of benefits that would never fit in a single agenda.

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How to access the benefits

So, did you like these possibilities and believe that you may qualify to receive any of them? Well, pay CLOSE attention now, as the participation process will depend on the program and your location. However, you can check out some important steps for your participation. These include:

  • Inform yourself about the program criteria. Typically, these are related to household income, which will vary depending on the number of family members, marital status, disability status, immigration status, etc.;
  • Gather the necessary documentation to make your application. Among these documents is proof of residence, for example;
  • Depending on the program you are interested in or your location, the registration can be done either online or in person. To do this, you should first check the official website that offers the specific opportunity and follow all the provided instructions;
  • Fill out the form required at the time. Usually, these applications include a form for personal, financial, and family information. Therefore, it is important to be completely transparent and accurate;
  • Undergo any required interview or assessment;
  • Now, just stay vigilant, keep yourself updated, and wait for the response regarding whether you have been granted the benefit or not.

In case of lingering doubts, get in touch with the social assistance centers in your city, the department of social services, or local government agencies. Often, specialized assistance can make a significant difference in providing guidance on your rights.

So, did you like this information? You can find much more by visiting the website Additionally, keep yourself updated through the available articles and explore other great opportunities for you and your family!

Remember that these were just 3 categories of available BENEFITS. Financial BENEFITS, housing BENEFITS, and many others are also offered. The website mentioned above can be a great source of help in finding the ideal opportunity for you. Although, just as in Brazil, it is always recommended that these support possibilities are something temporary, which will encourage the family’s self-sufficiency in the future.

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