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Vale Gas: Learn how to Request This Benefit and Fill Your Tank!



Vale Gás is a benefit created by the Federal Government to help informal workers and Bolsa Família beneficiaries gain access to cooking gas. This benefit was created in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic as a way to minimize the economic impacts of the crisis. Understand how to guarantee;

Who is entitled to Vale Gas?

To apply for Vale Gás, it is necessary to meet some requirements:

  1. Be a beneficiary of Bolsa Família: to be entitled to Vale Gás, you must be a beneficiary of the Bolsa Família program. If you are not a beneficiary, but you are entitled to the program, just register on the Ministry of Citizenship.
  2. Owning a vehicle: to apply for Vale Gás, you must have your own vehicle, be it a car, motorcycle or truck. The vehicle needs to be in your name and have all documents up to date.
  3. Have a monthly family income of up to three minimum wages: to be entitled to Vale Gás, the monthly family income must be of up to three minimum wages per person.
  • Families enrolled in the Single Registry for Social Programs of the federal government (CadÚnico), with monthly per capita family income less than or equal to half the national minimum wage (R$ 606);
  • Families that have among their members residing in the same household who receive the Benefit of Continuous Provision of social assistance, the BPC, which provides a monthly minimum wage (R$ 1,212) to the disabled person and the elderly aged 65 years or more who prove they do not have means of providing for oneself or one's family;
  • The law establishes that the aid will be granted “preferably to families with women victims of domestic violence who are under the monitoring of urgent protective measures”.

How to apply for Vale Gas?

To apply for the voucher, simply follow these steps:

  1. Access the website of Ministry of Citizenship: On the website of the Ministry of Citizenship, you will find all the information about Vale Gás, in addition to being able to apply for the benefit.
  2. Fill in the request form: on the website, you will find a request form that must be filled in with all the requested information, such as personal data, information about the vehicle and family income.
  3. Send documents: in addition to filling out the form, you need to upload some documents, such as proof of residence, identity document, CPF and proof of income.
  4. Wait for the request to be analyzed: after completing the form and uploading the documents, your request will be analyzed by the Ministry of Citizenship. If approved, you will receive the Voucher in your bank account within 10 business days.

How to query?

It is possible to check the status of the benefit through the application Brazil Aid (available for free download for android It is iOS), Caixa Tem app and Caixa Assistance, by telephone 111. In case of doubts, the beneficiary can contact the Ministry of Citizenship by telephone 121.

Vale Gás is a very important benefit for informal workers and Bolsa Família beneficiaries, as it allows them to have access to cooking gas, so they can continue to work and generate income for their families.

Social benefits are important because they contribute to the reduction of social inequalities and to the well-being of the population, promoting social inclusion and reducing poverty. They can also contribute to economic growth by increasing the purchasing power of the low-income population and stimulating consumption.

Good luck!

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