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Great Social Benefits in the United States: Find out now how to get assistance with paying your rent

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Housing vulnerability is a concerning issue in many countries, including the United States. That’s why programs are established to assist the population facing this situation.

Therefore, check out some social benefits aimed at rent payment that can provide substantial support for these families.

Great Social Benefits in the United States: Find out now how to get assistance with paying your rent
Benefits for Rent Payments in the United States Source: Imigre Fácil

Housing Choice Voucher Benefit

This is a great opportunity for those who need to find housing for RENT. This voucher promises to subsidize the total or partial expense of RENT for low-income families, elderly individuals, or those with disabilities. It can be applicable to various categories and types of properties, such as townhouses, apartments, etc. To be eligible for this benefit, the total gross income of the family and its size need to be calculated. Additionally, you can simply visit the official government website regarding the voucher to learn more about this benefit.

To access it, you need to get in touch with the public housing agency. There, you will be placed on a waiting list after applying and must wait to be approved if you meet the criteria. But, VERY IMPORTANT, the website for contact is currently unavailable for access, requiring in-person consultation at the agency.

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Subsidized Rental Housing

In this category of subsidized housing, the U.S. government allocates a budget to apartment owners so that they can, in turn, offer RENT discounts to tenants who meet low-income criteria. Each respective city will have its specific rules that determine who can access this right. Therefore, it is necessary to contact the local public agency in your area to obtain information. However, online sites are currently unavailable, making in-person consultation necessary.

Additionally, for more information, you can also visit the government website on the benefit page.

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Public Housing

This program also aims to serve the low-income population, the elderly, and people with disabilities who do not have the financial means to cover RENT. Thus, there are various options in this category, ranging from single-family homes to apartments in high-rise buildings. Once again, it is necessary to check with the public agency in your area to apply for participation in this program, and due to online issues, it will have to be done through an in-person visit. Therefore, the criteria for participation will consider the annual gross income of these American or immigrant families.

Find it interesting and want to know more? Then you can check the federal government’s website on this program’s page.

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Extra Rental Assistance Programs

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Such information is being highly summarized on this occasion, and you can find more details on the official website of the federal government on this program’s page.

  • Support Service for Veteran Families: This is aimed at families that need to find more dignified housing for habitation and subsistence. For this, it is necessary that the family is headed by the veteran or their spouse and is in housing vulnerability. The registration process, in turn, is not through a link but through a call to the number 1-877-424-3838 to schedule a consultation with the provider;
  • Rental assistance for individuals under 62 years of age and with disabilities: This benefit, in practice, is aid for finding and paying for housing at reduced prices in the market. However, to be eligible for this opportunity, it is necessary to contact the public housing agency IN PERSON in your local area.

Finally, it is important to emphasize that the criteria for low-income families will obviously vary according to the country and locality. Sometimes even from region to region depending on who is offering the benefit, whether it is a state or the federal government, as the administration of social programs in the United States is entirely decentralized, and each locality can organize its specific rules and may even change participation criteria. Another available option is to consult with a social service professional who can guide you well on accessing your rights that are previously established and ensured by law, including support for costs and expenses related to RENT. 

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