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All about The Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) and your request

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Food security is a subject that arouses the governmental concern of several countries, and the United States, in turn, despite all the opportunities for economic growth for its inhabitants, is not out of this reality. Thus, the SNAP program, abbreviation of the term Supplementary Nutritional Assistance Program aims to solve this problem, generating support for American families.

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All about The Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) and your request
Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) Source: Wikipedia

What is the SNAP program?

In case you are wondering what the SNAP program is, after all, well… SNAP is actually a government offering that serves as nutritional support for low-income American families, low-income seniors, and people with disabilities in the same socioeconomic vulnerability. This is one of the most effective social programs in the American territory, operating in several states of the country, ensuring the right to food for those people who face their challenges to access it.

The vast majority of social assistance programs in the United States, if not all, are decentralized in their administration. This means that your specific location can handle providing you with information related to participation and you can keep an eye on online channels or through notifications from government authorities in your region.

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The history of SNAP

The history of the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program, known by its acronym SNAP, began in the 1930s, during the Great Depression period in the United States. It was a difficult time of great hunger among certain people of the American population. Initially, the idea was to help agricultural workers sell their products so that families could have access to food. However, over the years, instead of the program ending the terrible period, it has only been expanding more and more and becoming what it is today: A US government food assistance program.

However, in 1974, some new changes began to occur about his law, but were changes for the better in the country that would certainly result in a greater effectiveness of supply. In 2008 more changes happened and he received the official name referring to his acronym SNAP. However, it cannot be said that we will stop in time and it will stop going through new updates, on the contrary, the perspective is that it will continue evolving and changing according to the needs of society.

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How to check the prerequisites to participate in the program?

According to the US government’s own website, the offer of the SNAP benefit occurs in the transfer of funds to a card where your balance will be directed to the purchase of new foods. Thus, it is necessary to emphasize once again that American social programs have a decentralized character, this means that you must obey the specific requirements of your state. These usually involve income limits, as it is geared towards the poorest people in society. However, it is likely that states also take into account other criteria and this needs to be really analyzed.

Thus, the recommendation is to contact your state office to check all related information.

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How to request your benefit

Again citing the US government website, to make the request and participate in SNAP it is also necessary to contact your state office. Depending on your location you can make your request online, that is, in the comfort of home, through face-to-face visits, by mail or by fax. In some cases it is also necessary a prior interview for the contemplation of the benefit.

In cases of doubt it is recommended that you request a service with the professional social worker, because this is who deals with issues related to social rights and can make all the difference in the process for receiving the necessary guidance and guidance. In addition, if analyzed the requirements and found that there is no fit in the criteria, other opportunities can still be considered, opportunities that also include the nutritional support of families by government intervention. 

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